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Cash For Your Junk Car What’s The Best Option In Fort Lauderdale?

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junk car audiPeople love their cars, but there comes a time when we all must part with them. If you have a vehicle you’re not using on your property, don’t go through the hassles of want ads, hagglers and indecisive consumers, go straight to the people who will solve your problem the fastest: junk car dealers.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

Contact a junk car dealer near you and tell them you’re interested in learning more about the process. Explain that you have a vehicle you don’t use anymore, but haven’t decided yet if you want to fix it up yourself or not. They’ll likely explain the advantages, including costs, of selling it to them. However, if you tell them immediately that you’re looking for fast cash, you could be shortchanging yourself. Every type of dealer, be it gold, car or anything else, is going to be interested in the fastest, most lucrative exchange for themselves.

Once you’ve established your interest in the junk dealership, they’ll ask you what year, model and make your car is. They will also need to know where the car is being stored, the condition it’s in and what it’s been through over the years. Additionally, all information you have regarding the operating ability of the vehicle is crucial to the price you will be offered. Does it still run? Are there fluids leaking? Has a professional mechanic appraised the situation?

You Should Get An Instant Offer

Depending on your responses, the dealer may be able to quote you an approximate price for your junk car right over the phone. If there are too many variables, however, you might just get a ballpark figure, with something more exact to follow after the vehicle has been inspected. Of course, nothing you say over the phone is going to obligate you to sell, so field the offer, then call another junk dealer. Chances are good that you’ll hear roughly the same dollar figure.

This type of sale has a huge advantage over selling to the general public, because nobody is going to tell you they’ll need a day or so to think the deal over or that they’re going to keep looking around for other cars. A junk dealer either wants your merchandise or not, and they’re going to be able to quote you on cash relatively quickly. One of the few factors that may influence what you’ll receive for a vehicle is the current price of different types of scrap metal.

They Might Even Come To You

Junk dealers realize that moving a vehicle that hasn’t been run in a long time may be challenging. You might not even have registered plates on it or an inspection sticker, meaning driving it anywhere isn’t even legal. Fortunately, in most cases, they will come to you. Once you’ve mutually agreed on a prospective deal, go ahead and make the appointment – you are still not obligated to anything at this point, or even after they’ve laid foot on your property.

Prep Your Junk Car For Viewing

While you aren’t going to be doing anything special to a car you consider junk, there are a couple of things you should do in preparation for the meeting with a dealer. Get any paperwork you have on the vehicle ready, including title, repair records and so on. Also, you should go through the car and make sure you have not left anything personal behind. If it will need a tow, check that a truck has an unobstructed path right to the car.

Seal The Deal

Once you’ve decided to sell to a junk dealer, it won’t take long to seal the deal. Provided your description of the vehicle was accurate, they will hand you the money in the amount quoted, with very little deviation. If, for example, you forgot to mention something major, a deduction might be made. Otherwise, you can expect to receive payment immediately.

Unloading your unwanted auto is quick and painless with a junk dealer. It’s one of the most efficient ways of selling a car, and a very cool way to pick up some fast cash. If you have an unused, unsightly vehicle in your backyard, what are you waiting for?


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Tips On How To Sell A Junk Car In Fort Lauderdale

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salvage yardIf you own a car that stalled ages ago and is no longer serving your needs, looking for a way that it could benefit you should be something you need to do if you want it out of your way. The great thing is that there are people who are willing to buy broken down junk cars for their parts and for recycling. By finding or approaching such people, you could get some reparation for it and the great thing about that is that you get some cash in your pockets whilst getting the car out of your hands.

When it comes to selling a junk car, the great thing is that there are plenty of junk car salvagers and yard owners who will be willing to buy from you. However, there may be some issues that you will need to consider if you want to make the best of this sale. That is why it is essential that you consider a couple of things when looking for a junk car buyer to sell to if you want to get the best deal.

Factors To Consider When Selling A Junk Car


While a junk car may probably seem like a piece of trash to you, that does not mean that you sell it at a throw-away price. It is therefore essential that you consider taking time to consider the cost the buyer wishes to acquire the car from you. The great thing is that with plenty of buyers in the market, you never have to be so desperate and should take time to consider the different offers you get from different junk buyers. It is also advisable that you always get paid in cash and no other way.

Deal Terms

Often, when selling a junk car there are different aspects that you will need to consider about the deal you are making with the buyer. For instance, there are buyers who will come and pick up the vehicle from you while others might suggest that you drop it off to their yard. Either way, you should never be required to pay a thing when it comes to making a deal with a buyer. However, the advisable thing to do would be to settle for a dealer who will offer to pick up the ride at no extra cost.


There is a bit of documentation that will often be required when selling a junk car. It is therefore essential that you prepare documentation that proves ownership of the said vehicle as most states will require that you do it. However, the great thing is that you still can sell your car even if you do not have any documentation; though, this often only eligible for vehicles that are 10 years and older. For vehicles that do not have any documentation, the buyer may choose to buy it but at a lower price as they will have to pay to have the car transferred to their name.

If you are looking to make good money out of your junk car, then following the above tips will help make the whole process that much simpler and will ease things for both you and the buyer.

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